Our biology. Everything we become.

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Dr. Seuss was a racist. He wouldn’t attach his words to an interracial romance. Here are seven racist cartoons he made about Japanese-Americans during WWII.

He also later apologized and wrote Horton Hears a Who! to illustrate his remorse for his previous way of thinking

#crazily enough people can learn and change

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ouat + so done (part 2)

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Thor’s Fangirls

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@DiannaAgron: Sorry for the twitter overhaul. I love my friends. You all. And clothes. The last one a bit too much. The first two, completely justified. X

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 Dianna Agron - Gracias Madre in LA 08/31/14

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"These are some of my best friends. We’ve gone through some of the most incredible things together. They are my rock. And we’ve just been on this insane journey together, I don’t think you can even fully describe it. It’s been pure magic. I can’t imagine not having this. I will remember this forever.

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